Spencer Ritchie

New Thoughts on Current Issues


Hi, my name is Spencer. I'm a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

I created this page to provide my thoughts and opinions on current issues here, rather than twitter or Facebook (because we all know that gets very old, very quickly).

Just to get this out of the way, these thoughts are all my own, and subject to opposition, objections, and feedback. Fair warning, I'm not going to write in a way that is going to preserve your feelings because that's not what this is for; this page is for opinions, and like assholes, everyone has them whether you appreciate them or not.

I'll mainly talk about things that relate to the current presidency, as well as social issues both current and newly-arising.

A little about me and my background moving forward: I am independent of any political party, and hoping to go Pre-Law as soon as school starts back up, so I thought this would be beneficial to have my thoughts out here and hopefully have my voice be heard.